The way we work

Financial interim- and project management is a tool to solve problems. We often detect that this tool does not meet the demand. Therefore we choose a structured procedure for planning and performing our interim assignments.
We distinguish the following steps in our procedure:

  • Intake
  • Strategy
  • Evaluation and performance


Based on an interview we collectively determine the exact scope of the assignment, in which targets are specified in measurable criteria. The deadline agreed upon will also be integrated in the scope of the assignment. Of course we agree with you upon clear agreements about reporting and evaluations.


We start with a top-down analysis of your assignment which results in a strategy. In this strategy, to be approved by you, you will find the following items:

  • Targets of the assignment;
  • Timeline;
  • Steps to be taken;
  • Specifications of the deliverables.

Evaluation and performance

During as well as afterwards the assignment we frequently evaluate together with you. With the strategy in mind we transparently discuss the progression and if necessary we can timely adjust.